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Learn with Us

HighVibe Mettaversity houses the dynamic education experiences we curate just for you. HSIMB students can also selected from the classes listed herein to satisfy Allied Modalities requirements.


Thai Metta Bodywork™


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Thai Metta Bodywork™ (TMB) is a sacred dance rooted in an energy field of loving kindness ("metta"), and is inspired by traditional Thai Massage. In TMB, "metta" is expressed through multidimensional acts of compassionate presence, touch, and intention, creating an environment conducive for relief from pain and suffering. Treatment involves rhythmic compression with gentle rocking, deep therapeutic stretching, breath work, acupressure, reciprocal tension, . . .


Reiki/Energy Healing

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Reiki means “universal life force energy” … the consciousness of the universe that flows through every living thing. This laying of hands healing technique is known to increase the available life force within us, which ultimately serves to balance the mind and body, relieve physical and emotional stress, strain and pain, and encourage healing. Study Reiki and learn how to share your natural ability to sooth and nurture yourself and others. . .


Death Doula 


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The trajectory of our Memento Mori Death Doula Training: Part 1 explores dying and death in three primary modules: The Impact of Dying and Death (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, familial, social, economic); Embodying the Death Doula Way (support role for individualized, non-medical care uniquely suited to the dying person and their family's needs from diagnosis to after death; and utilizing our signature Memento Mori Death Kit. 


Soleful Bodywork

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Soleful Bodywork™️ is a graceful bodywork flow inspired by traditional Ashiatsu Philosophy, which originates in the east, and is rooted in a dynamic blend of deep tissue, myofascial release, osteopathic, acupressure techniques, and energy healing. It employs the use of the therapist's feet (instead of hands) as a primary tool for powering the therapeutic treatment, paired with the use of gravitational force and leveraging to address the whole body.


School of Integrative Massage & Bodywork

pre-licensure training

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HighVibe School of Integrative Massage & Bodywork (HSIMB) is a 625-hour, boutique-style pre-licensure massage training program that prepares aspiring therapists for licensure in the state of Kentucky. HSIMB’s programmatic priorities and curriculum design ensure a well-rounded, highly experiential learning experience for our students, including a commitment to cultivating health and wellness professionals who embody a deeply conscious, trauma-sensitive approach to holistic care, and an in-depth study of Western and Eastern techniques. The program also prioritizes practitioner self-care and how to manage the business aspects of a sustainable healing arts career.​ 

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