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We operate from an energy field of loving kindness (Metta).

HighVibe Mettaverse (HVM) offers eastern and western bodywork modalities, energy medicine, intuitive therapies, spiritual coaching, and learning explorations (HighVibe Mettaversity) to facilitate health, wellness, and the holistic nature of the human experience. We operate from an energy field of loving kindness (Metta).


HighVibe Living

care clinic

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Offering holistic and integrative bodywork and energywork rooted in healing traditions of diverse origins. Our intention is to cultivate therapeutic experiences centered on energy exchange and a seamless integration of body, mind, and spirit. We customize each session to meet your expressed and discovered needs, commonly integrating Eastern and Western techniques--Thai Metta Bodywork, Cupping, Gua Sha, . . .


remote care

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Our remote care offerings are centered on supporting your fitness, nutrition, personal development, and business development needs. We help woman over 40 seeking to:

(1) adopt the necessary mindset to  create and maintain your physical fitness, weight loss, and overall wellness goals; (2) bio hack your blood pressure; (3) grow out of your trauma into your greatness; (4) become your own boss.



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Led by master instructors on a mission to spread Metta and facilitate healers on their journey to serve themselves, their families, and beyond. Whether you're just getting started, or expanding your practice, we offer a variety of learning experiences that are open to all, and some that require a massage therapy license (CEs available). We teach

Thai Metta Bodywork™, Soleful Bodywork™, Death Doulaship, Energy Healing, and more . . .

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