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(Our Favorite. We Teach It, Too!)

Thai Metta Bodywork (TMB) is our most beloved specialty due to its overall effectiveness with promoting physical and mental ease, improving mobility,  addressing pain, liberating locked energy, and so much more. It is also an accessible, easily customizable therapy for children, adults, and seniors alike, and can be applied to all body types (you do not have to be flexible or strong; just rest on the mat, fully clothed, and let us honor you with this dynamic and impactful therapy). We also offer other bodywork modalities.

Thai Metta Bodywork™ (TMB) is a dynamic flow inspired by traditional Thai Massage, rooted in loving kindness, and fueled by Adriena )Z( Dame's alchemical twist on the whole-person approach to integrative care. Treatment involves rhythmic compression, deep therapeutic stretching, breath work, meditation and the use of vital energy (life force) to promote healing.

The HighVibe trained practitioner operates within an energy field of loving kindness, and in a state of mindful awareness. They fullest expression of the work is administered on a floor mat (adaptations can be done on a massage table).


You don't have to remove your clothes. No lotions are involved. And it works! Not only is TMB is known to relax tight muscles; improve posture/structural alignment, flexibility and range of motion; promote circulation; relieve stress, and restore harmony to mind, body, and spirit, it can help relieve back and hip pain and improve mobility.

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