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Remote Services

Adriena )Z( Dame is an intuitive and vitality coach serving clients around the world using remote communication platforms.


Whether your adult life is burdened by adverse childhood experiences that continue to take their toll on you and your relationships; you're stuck in a dead-end job, or you're in a slump and need a boost, Adriena )Z( Dame offers a unique coaching style that integrates intuitive insight, numerology, astrology, life path development and more to assist you on your journey to: 


(no matter who f--ked around with your power)

Be Your Own Boss 

(even if someone else employs you)



Journeys include 9 one-hour sessions (conducted remotely via Zoom) that typically take place on Fridays and Saturdays.


The success of the Alchemystic Journey hinges on your commitment to do the work necessary to weave positive change into your life. 


1. Discovery Consultation

Request a Discovery Consultation to determine if you and Adriena are a good fit to work together, and if your schedules are compatible.

2. Partnership Confirmation. 

Submit/sign service agreement and non-refundable investment--$990.

Schedule sessions.


3. Complete an Intake Questionnaire.

4. Star Coaching Sessions



Sessions are rendered online only.

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