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Thank you for choosing HighVibe Mettaverse to support you on your wellness journey. We are excited to express our appreciation for your referrals, loyalty, and commitment to honoring your health and wellness goals.


1. Share your unique referral code with the humans in your world

--family, friends, colleagues, social media network (If you have not yet received your code, text 502-821-0305 to request it).

2. When New Clients book using your referral code, they receive a $15 savings on their first treatment, and you reap the rewards listed below (Note: referrals are reviewed at the end of each month, at which time referral codes will be issued via text).



Above & Beyond Referrals

Refer 3+ new clients in a calendar month: Save $25 on your next booking AND enter to win a FREE Featured Treatment.

Double-Up Referrals

Refer 2 new clients in a calendar month: Save $25 on your next booking. 

Onederful Referral

Refer 1 new client in a calendar month: Save $15 on your next booking. 


(1) Referral rewards cannot be combined with any other offer/savings (including bundles and gift certificates) and do not include Student Clinic appointments, classes, events . . . (Rewards/savings are deducted from the full service rate).


(2) The calendar month refers to the month in which the payment for the New Client appointment is received.

(2) Coupon codes for Above & Beyond, Double-Up, & Onederful Referral Rewards expire in 30 days.


(3) Featured Treatment rewards are determined by HVM staff  and may occur on designated dates that clients may choose from. Additionally, the duration for such treatments may be 30-60 minutes (rendered privately, semi-privately, or as an add-on). Featured Treatments must be redeemed within 90 days.

(3) Referral codes shared by HighVibe Referral Tribe members can only be redeemed by NEW clients. 

(4) Referral rewards are intended for HighVibe Referral Tribe members only, and are not transferable. 

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